Undercut anchors by Blicksystem.com

About system

Dear Clients,

today, after several years of working on the creation of general purpose fixing system, we are proud to present a complete cladding panel installation solution ? Blick system.

Blick is a versatile system for installation of cladding panels. It includes a full range of components from advanced anchor bolts to installation tools, and anchors installed on a rear surface of a panel and Goliath heads for undercut holes. It enables the use of many different materials as a wall cladding from natural stone, conglomerate, and fibre cement boards to ceramics, HPL or architectural concrete.

Works on Blick system were carried out during the investment boom and emigration period, as well as during the crisis. In this period, we have come across several demanding design, logistic and time challenges. The difficulties were the opportunity to determine the objectives of a new fixing system. The decrease in qualification level of fitters caused by emigration forced a simple and easy solution, to reduce the required level of qualifications. The deadlines involving contractual fines required new and fast fixing system. The high cost of exterior wall finish is the main factor influencing the development of a fixing system, which will reduce material thickness and costs by up to 50%. Winter downtime resulting from the necessity to use anchors installed in quick set cement mortar, were the basis for developing a fixing method independent of weather conditions. Finding a single solution addressing all the issues was not easy, although the solution is here, and it's called Blick.

Many of you awaited this solution, by keeping in touch with our technical department. We appreciate the endless consultations and meetings, which influenced the final form of our product. Thank to all of you, who contributed to the creation of Blick, structural analysts, engineers, designers and fitters.

I hereby present you the Blick, and I am certain, that you will quickly appreciate its good points and use it as a basis for efficient realization of difficult, not to say impossible tasks.

Jarosław Gruszecki, project author